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We extend a warm welcome to our restaurant which serves authentic Burmeese cuisine. It is presently the only one in Saskatchewan. Come and experience a taste of Burma with out the jet lag !

Burma was given the name Myanmar in 1989 by the government of Burma to represent the many ethnic groups that comprise the countrys'population of nearly 50 million. The Burmese make up 69% of the countrys' population, while other ethnic groups include the Shans, Kachins, Chins, Arakanese (YahKine), Kayahs, Wa, Mons among many others. More than 130 different dialects are spoken in Burma (Myanmar).

Burma (Myanmar) is situated between India, Bangladesh (west) China (northeast), Laos and Thailand (east) and the Bay of Bengal to the west and the Andaman Sea to the south. Burma is a mountainous country with abundant forests. Seven provinces (states), each of which are named after the ethnic group in the area, make up the geography of the country. The most well known city in Burma is Rangoon (Yangon), one time called the Pearl of the Orient, which was the capital and the main seaport for Burma from 1885. In 2006 Naypidaw became the new capital of the country

Burmese cuisine is best described as midway between Indian and Chinese. It is flavoured with many spices. The main meal consists of a variety of shared dishes served with rice or noodles. Curries along with seasonal vegetables are enjoyed together with a light soup (Hin Cho).

We thank-you for your patronage and we hope you enjoy your meal.

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