Lunch Menu

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Mon – Fri 11am to 2pm For Take-out Phone 306-668-9114


**Please notify us if you have any food allergies**




Burmese Samosas (5 Samosa)                         $8.75            Tempura Onion                                       $8.75

Vegetarian filling or with Chicken and tamarind sauce                                    Battered and deep fried Onion, served with tamarind sauce

Add one Samosa for $1.75.

Burmese Spring Rolls ( 5 Spring Rolls)           $8.75           Tempura Squash                                   
Vegetarian filling or with Pork and sweet chili sauce.                                    Long green squash deep fried and served with tamarind sauce  

Add one Spring Rolls for $1.75

Thousand Layer Bread                                    $8.75            Tempura Mushroom                               $8.75

Rolled and filled with chick peas, lentils, split peas and crispy onion            Mushroom deep fried with tempura and served with Tamarind sauce

Yellow Pea & Nan Breads                                $8.75            Fried Chickpea Tofu                              $8.75

Steamed whole Yellow Pea mix with crispy onion served with Nan bread.   Deep fry Burmese Style Chickpea Tofu served with Tamarind sauce.

Soup of the Day                                              $6.00


Asian Garden                                                  $9.00               Pickled Green Tea Leaf                             $9.00

Bean sprouts, cucumber, carrot and cabbage mixed in our savory               Pickled tea leaf mixed with cabbage, roasted baby Lima beans,
Asian dressing topped with chopped vegetarian samosas                            split peas, roasted sesame seeds and garlic with dressing

Chickpea Tofu                                                 $9.00              Mandalay Noodle                                       $9.50

Burmese Style Chickpea Tofu with Tamarind sauce, lime leave,                   Spicy chicken and vegetables mixed on a bed of egg noodles, topped
cabbage and cilantro.                                                                                     with crispy onion

Ginger Mandarin                                            $9.00               Nan Gyi Thoke                                           $9.50

Iceberg lettuce, cabbage, carrots, red onion, mandarin oranges                  Burmese style thick round Rice Noodle mixed with Chicken cooked
and roasted peanuts with our sesame ginger dressing                                 Chicken cooked in coconut oil and boiled egg.

With Chicken                                                                   $9.50


Spicy Rice Bowl                                           $10.50               Burmese Fried Noodle                                   $10.50

Chicken curry with spicy rice spiced with cinnamon, cloves, green               Fried egg noodle and vegetables with choice of chicken or pork
cardamom, cashews and golden raisins

Burmese Noodle Bowl                                 $9.50               Coconut Noodle Bowl                                    $10.50

Choose chicken, pork or vegetable with lemongrass sauce on rice            Chicken coconut curry served on egg noodles and topped with tempura
noodles with chopped vegetarian spring roll and sweet chili sauce             Or With shrimp                                                                $11.50

Or With shrimp                                                            $10.50               Or With shrimp & chicken                                             $12.50

Stir Fry                                                         $10.50               Pat Thai                                                           $10.50

Grilled chicken or pork with vegetable medley on your choice of                 Chicken, deep fried tofu, bean sprouts, green onion and peanuts on flat rice
egg noodle, rice noodle or rice                                                                     noodles with garlic, soy sauce and fish sauce

Vegetarian                                                                     $9.50                MontHinGar                                                   $10.50

Thai Pizza                                                      $9.00               A fish-based soup prepared with rice noodles, and flavored with lemongrass and

Spicy peanut sauce, red and green onion, mozzarella and chicken           served with crisp fried bean which is considered as the national dish in Burma

Burmese Pizza                                             $9.00               (Myanmar).

Spicy coconut sauce, palm sugar, red onion and mozzarella with             Ohn No Khao Swe                                        $10.50
chicken                                                                                                        Wheat noodles in coconut milk and chip pea broth served with spiced chicken 

                                                                                                                   and crisp fried bean.


Two Curry Special $16.00

Choose any two:

1. Beef or chicken with potatoes    

2. Beef or chicken with spicy sauce

3. Vegetable stir fry                          


Served with choice of egg noodle, rice noodle or rice Choose your heat level 2(mild) to 8 (very hot)


Green Tea $1.75

Coffee or Tea $1.75

Coca Cola Can (355ML) $1.75

(Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite , Ice Tea or Ginger Ale)

** Please notify us if you have any allergies **